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July 08, 2004

Definition of Insanity, Revisited « Politics As Usual »

Some of the damaging behaviors that Libarls/Left continually encourage/embrace, despite constant unfortunate results:

1) Sexual Immorality, including both homosexuality and non-marital heterosexual activity
2) Substance Abuse
3) Socialism, including national health care and progressive tax schedules
4) Solving social problems at the highest level, i.e., Big Government solutions to every conceivable problem
5) Economic protectionism
6) "soft" racism, including quotas/affirmative action, the "need" for government programs targeting inner cities, and castigation of minority Republicans
7) Idolization of Europe
8) Subservience to the United Nations
9) Resisting attempts to curb illegal immigration
10) Tendency to use judicial activism to achieve goals
11) Disarming the populace

Embracing Liberal/Left policies inevitably bring a society to ruin. You reap what you sow...

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