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July 07, 2004

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Edwards started off by saying something like, "My [extremely young] son just asked me, 'Why are their so many American flags around?'" This is the extremely contrived introduction into Edwards claim that he will help restore American values, and John Edwards provided his own answer.

But my reaction was: Out of the Mouths of Babes, because this kid already understands the cognitive dissonance of American flags at a Democrat function.

See, read it again: the kid was questioning the presence of American flags...I have to assume that he wouldn't have felt the same level of confusion or perplexity had they been Che posters or USSR flags...

Bonus Democrat Flip-Flop O' the Day:

In this transcript, the following exchange occurs:

WALLACE: Senator, you have made a point in this campaign of not criticizing your opponents. In fact, you resisted a couple of my efforts today. Some people say that that's a pretty good way to run for vice president.

Do you have any interest in being the vice presidental nominee? And specifically, would you accept it if offered?

EDWARDS: I'm absolutely not interested in being vice president. No, the answer to that question is no.

*which includes a lame justification for Edwards' voting for the war then voting against funding it, as well as the same exceedingly vague reference to "American values" without ever mentioning a single example of what Edwards means by that phrase

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