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May 25, 2004

101 Great Books « Stuff Important to Me »

Just one of the meme's floating around the blogosphere...

You can see the list here.

So the bloggers print the list and highlight the ones they've read. My list? Glad you asked:

I don't really care.

I've read some, haven't read others. I can't say that the ones I've read changed me in any way. It didn't give me a greater appreciation for literature, or give me any insight into human nature that I didn't see anywhere else.

I don't really mind having to read the books I did, but I don't really worry about the so-called "great" books I didn't read. I hardly think those would hold the key to eternal peace and happiness in my life.

I think that on our time we should read what we want. In school, however, some books are excellent ways to teach certain things. Exposure in school to "great" literature is a good way of ensuring we all have some common cultural reference points. But I don't think that someone who has read every single "classis" will be any more intelligent or prepared for life than someone who only read a third of them; but I do think that reading what interests you and challenges you is a good thing. There are enough other good thinkers and writers out there that as long as you are reading regularly, you will encounter all the literature you need to during your lifetime.

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