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May 20, 2004

I Like President Bush, but... « Politics As Usual »

That seems to be a common refrain as I trip lightly through the blogosphere.

"I like President Bush, but..."

...but I don't like some of his spending proposals.
...but I don't like his stance on SSM marriage.
...but I don't like his restraint in Iraq.
...but whatever.

See, I don't feel that way. At this point, I haven't seen a single decision he's made that I didn't like. About the only differences I've had with him are based on information that has come to light long after the fact, i.e., I really wish he'd chosen someone with more integrity and leadership ability than Colin Powell for Secretary of State.
I look at the Justice Department, and despite some pointless whining from people who are reacting to the idea of John Ashcroft as A.G., I see a department in far better shape and far more effective than under Janet Reno. He's made some blunders and mistakes, but no major ones, and no one's perfect.
I didn't really like Bush saying he'd sign an extension to the Assault Weapons Ban if it were put in front of him, but I can't say that really bothers me that much. First, I figure the extension has less than a 10% chance of making it to him. Second, I've still been able to buy any gun I've wanted; the only appreciable difference the assault weapon ban makes is the price of high-cap magazines. Not worth getting my panties in a wad.
I would really prefer that Bush would replace Paul Bremer, personally. Paul was an improvement, but certain trends have become problematic, as can happen when someone is in place too long. Put someone in with a fresh perspective who can correct some of the things that have gone off the wire, I say. But then, I don't think that rises to the level of a "criticism", because I recognize that President Bush is at the top of perhaps the most extensive and richest information flow in the world, something I am a part of and yet not fully privy to. I'm willing to express my opinion but not to the point of asserting I know more on any issue of national security than he does. I'm willing to be patient and see how it turns out.

Bluntly: there is not another person in the world who could get my vote for President this November. Sure, maybe he wasn't the perfect man for the circumstances in which we find ourselves...but it would be impossible to determine who that mythical "perfect" person might be. In my opinion, President Bush has done an excellent job of approximating the ideal President. I approve of and support everything he has done and said, wholeheartedly.

If that qualifies me as an idiot, so be it.

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