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May 20, 2004

Thoughts on Marriage « Social Issues »

Ignore the premise, and pay attention to the insight.

To accept her argument as valid, you have to restrict SSM-advocates to only one aspect of their argument. I don't. However, I do think she does understand what forms the basis of a successful marriage:

Viewing love as mutual affection has created the unrealistic expectation that we can judge the strength of our unions by our feelings. Many straight people hold this view. We stay married as long as we like the way we feel with the other person. But basing marriage upon mere feelings is a recipe for divorce — because feelings are fickle.

The alternative is to view love as a decision. To love is to will and to do the good of the other. This understanding of love sustains us, to the benefit of the whole family, children and parents alike.

Oh, yah: the link

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