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May 19, 2004

Open Letters, Re: WMD « GWOT »

Dear Hans Blix,
You didn't find the sarin gas shell. In fact, you didn't find anything. You do realize you have zero credibility on this issue, right? Return to obscurity, pawn.

Dear Members of the Political Left,
You said the war wasn't justified because there was no evidence of a WMD program in Iraq. We found mobile labs and precursors that possibly had civilian uses...but weren't being used for those civilian purposes, and could be used to produce WMD at the press of a button.
But that wasn't good enough for you. You insisted the war wasn't justified because we hadn't found any actual WMD delivery vehicles. We found several empty reason for Saddam to keep them unless he might want to use them right?
But that wasn't good enough for you. You insisted the war wasn't justified because we hadn't found any actual WMD. We have now found both mustard gas and sarin gas still in the shells.
But that wasn't good enough for you, either. You now insist the war wasn't justified because the shells were degraded with age and we haven't found a stockpile. Will anything ever be good enough for you?
Your superhero, Hans Blix, couldn't find anything. The military did. Clearly, the inspections were not working.
You claim "Bush Lied" or at least "misled". It's time to admit that you are the ones being dishonest on this issue.

Dear Members of the Mainstream News Media,
The evidence given by SecState Powell in his address to the UN was based largely on visual evidence of Iraq moving WMD; the indicators were in the presence of decontamination trucks and the like, because if Saddam hadn't been moving the WMD in an attempt to conceal the WMD from the inspectors, we would not have had the satellite photos.
Still, Hans Blix could not find WMD. But the terrorists stumbled across some, which resulted in an inadvertant discovery by our soldiers. WMD has been found in Iraq in the hands of terrorists. How did it get there? Obviously, it was either concealed by Saddam to be found only by chance (again, inspections not working), or were delivered directly to the terrorists/former regime loyalists for safekeeping. Either way, President Bush is at least partially vindicated. Why aren't we hearing this from any of you? Why aren't you providing some sort of analysis of this issue? Why don't you do your job? Are you too busy trying to ensure President Bush is not re-elected? "Objectivity" is just a nonsense-sound to you, isn't it?

Dear SecState Powell,
I'd heard that you tended to cover your posterior, politically-speaking. I guess it makes sense, since most Generals must be politically savvy and self-protective to make that level of rank. It's no wonder you are the Left's favorite Republican.
Thus, it is sweet irony to me that the very same week you try to protect your reputation and distance yourself from President Bush by telling Tim Russert your briefing to the UN on WMD was apparently mistaken, we encounter actual WMD in Iraq. Yes, it's not a stockpile indicative of an active WMD program. It's also still significant enough that your retraction makes you look pretty stupid. I'm very glad you won't be around as Secretary of State any more. If you worried more about integrity than reputation, your department might have had some more successes.

Posted by Nathan at 07:02 AM | Comments (2)

Dear President Bush,
I know its not your nature (or the philosphy of the Republican Party) to get on the stump and celebrate when your point-of-view turns out to be right, or to rally the party in times like this (Newt tried to do it, and look what happened to him) But ya know, we (your constituents) really need some good news right about now. We've been listening to the Angry left spouting lots of crap the past many months. We'd like to hear some real talking points for a change. So snap to it!
Of course I say this in all due respect...

Posted by: Jeremy at May 19, 2004 09:00 AM

Yes. An apt addition. Thanks, Jeremy.

Posted by: Nathan at May 19, 2004 10:49 AM
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