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May 15, 2004

How Democrats Think
"Senator McCain would not have to leave his party," Mr. Kerrey said. "He could remain a Republican, would be given some authority over selection of cabinet people. The only thing he would have to do is say, `I'm not going to appoint any judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade,' " the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, which Mr. McCain has said he opposes.

See, the Democrats think it perfectly natural and normal for someone to sell out their ideals for a chance to seize power. Clinton did it by "triangulating": a blatant deliberate move to the center to win swing voters. Gore did it by "reinventing" himself every few months (...I still can't believe the "non-"liberal news media let him get away with that), Leiberman suddenly "forgot" his objections to Hollywood when he agreed to become Gore's running mate, Kucinich suddenly discovered he had a lifelong desire to support abortion rights when he decided to run for President, and Kerry's contortions to try and say what he thinks voters want to hear are the stuff of legend.

Why anyone ever votes Democrat is beyond me. It's like putting a "Kick Me" sign on your own back.

...but there are people who can't break up with someone who abuses them, too, so I guess there's precedent...

...the whole thing

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I once said that the best bet for the Dems to win in 2004 was for them to nominate President Bush. I think they're very close to that realization themselves.

Posted by: McGehee at May 16, 2004 08:29 AM
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