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May 13, 2004

Reporting Anything That Supports Conservatives Is Inethical « Media Distortions »

At least, that's the only conclusion that can be made from watching the "non-" liberal news media fall all over themselves in their haste to publicize photographs of US servicemembers abusing prisoners, and yet minimize any publicity of Nick Berg's execution.

Heck, where are all the people who were saying we should show coffins of US soldiers? Shouldn't they at least be urging the "non-" liberal news media to show the execution with the more graphic parts blurred?

I'm guessing we won't see that happen. It is becoming more and more difficult to deny that the left is cold-bloodedly attempting to manipulate coverage of the deaths of Americans for political gain.

Here's a deeper look at the issue. Take a look.

(Link via Jeff G.)

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