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April 25, 2004

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There's an important piece of journalistic research over here.

It's a glimpse into a teen-targeted website the Social Engineers would probably prefer remained in the back room, where teens can explore it below parental radar.


Planned Parenthood does more than offer abortions. It offers sex advice for underage teenagers. Not just pregnancy advice or birth-control advice, but advice on every aspect of sex, given from a celebratory "everybody's doing it" standpoint, as may be seen in the organization's official teen Web site, Teenwire.

If you or someone you know is sending money to Planned Parenthood, that money is going to some adult sitting at a computer, who writes detailed instructions for underage teenagers on how to pick up lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender sex partners online.

This deserves an Instalanche. Based on the subject matter, it probably won't get one...

Posted by Nathan at 10:04 AM | Comments (2)
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While I may not agree with some of the political slants on the site (well, I agree with them, but not with the context of the placement), it's hardly an ad to go out and get busy. From the site:

But any act of sexual intimacy comes with both emotional and physical risks. It's true that you can't get pregnant from oral or anal sex (unless ejaculate or pre-ejaculate comes in contact with the vagina or vulva), but having either one without using a condom or other barrier puts both partners at risk for a number of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Oh, the horror! It's telling teens that sex has issues and consequences attached! Oh no!

And remember, sex doesn't have to be a part of every relationship … even if you aren't a virgin. You have the right to decide when to have sex — the first time, and always!

Oooooh, my eyes!

Sleeping with a partner just to keep him or her around may raise expectations that you'll always give in to that partner's demands … and that's just plain crazy. Using sex as a tool to keep someone interested is just a bad idea, any way you slice it.

Crazy talk! Make them stop!

Sorry, but those who blast PPA in print often seem to be tilting at windmills. The reality is much less sensational - but that would hardly sell.

Posted by: andy at April 25, 2004 09:43 PM

For me, the test is: would I want my child looking at this site at age 13?

Good Heavens, no!

I don't think Dawn is advocating the site being shut down or telling everyone to avoid it. She seems to just be trying to spread the word on what is being done below most people's radar, as am I. Heck, if people like that sort of slant and want their children to adopt these attitudes, then they can go right on ahead and bookmark the site for theirr kids, and thank Dawn for letting 'em know!

Posted by: Nathan at April 26, 2004 06:20 AM
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